Clint Day is an adjunct entrepreneurship professor who serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at State College of Florida. He is a serial entrepreneur who founded three insurance entities in Florida and Georgia and began teaching/mentoring after selling his last business. Professionally qualified by the AACSB business school association, Clint earned a MBA in entrepreneurship, and has been certified by the Babson SEE, Kauffman Ice House, Lean Launch Pad, UF Experiential Classroom, and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship courses.  He is the author of the Bar Charts entrepreneurship study guide, “Set Your Own Salary” how-to entrepreneurship book, and the anthology on  evidence-based entrepreneurship, “Understanding Lean Startup”.  Clint is a member of the NACCE and USASBE entrepreneurship organizations, and participates in veterans entrepreneurship training as a Vietnam vet.

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